Scotty Cameron Select Design Newport 1.5 33″ C/w Headcover For Sale – £172.00

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For sale my own used Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 1.5 Putter. The Studio Select line is the culmination of Scotty's Putter Studio research and his drive to create a putter with the finest technical performance and the utmost in aesthetic appeal and overall feel. The properly matched headweight-to-shaft length option of 33". The 1.5 comes with a short, flare neck and the bold, Tour-inspired Cherry Dot graphics, precision milled 303 stainless steel head, and factory interchangeable weights, the Newport 1.5 is the essence of a high performance putter. The high toe profile aids in a correct setup at address and its flare neck providing a 1/2 shaft of offset, the Studio Select Newport 1.5 will inspire confidence for any golfer looking to take their putting to the next level. An excellent example of an iconic putter comes with a new grip and c/w headcover.