Guide to buying used golf clubs

If you are just starting out playing golf, or even if you play golf quite often but are looking at used golf clubs because of a limited budget, you still want to make sure you buy a good quality set. Why pay more than you need to for an expensive new set when most used sets will give you the same results. If you begin to play more often or can justify the expense then great go for a brand new set.

This guide below is meant to help you do some research so you know what to look for when buying 2nd hand golf clubs online or from those golf club sales (You will usually see these unfortunate people walking around a local town with a board hanging over them saying 'Golf Sale on' with big arrow to their golf shop).

used clubs mess

finding good used golf equipment can be difficult


Golf Clubs are the most important golf accessory that you need to do your homework for. Spend a little time reading up, review this guide and take notes...

What are your needs?

Ask yourself this question. How often do you realistically plan to play the popular game? Once a week, Once a month, or just on an odd occasion!! If you are starting out and think you'll not play that often, then you won't really need a full set of clubs and it's unlikely you'll notice any difference between the cheaper brands and top brands like Ping TaylorMade or Callaway. So why bother buying the more expensive item. Sure if you get good at the game or start to play more often, upgrade your equipment.

Do you know many people that have played the sport for a while? Ask them their advice. Find out what clubs they have, what they'd recommend based on your budget. Perhaps if you are getting lessons, ask the golf club pros what they recommend.

Do you know the difference between the golf clubs?

I know it sounds like a basic question, but it is important for beginners to understand what clubs they need.

Generally a Golf set will include the following:
- 3 woods; a driver (no1 wood) a 3 wood and a 5 wood.
- 8 irons
- A pitching wedge
- A sand wedge
- A Putter

If you are a beginner, you'll unlikely use all these clubs. You can get away with using 1 wood for practicing at the driving range. Woods are the most tricky to get used to. We'd suggest going with either 3 or 5 woods to start with. 4 to 5 irons. Go with a mix of irons. Get yourself a pitching wedge which you can also use to help get you out of a bunker instead of a sand wedge and a putter. Often best to get a starter set or a half set which will include the basic's you need.

Are you right left handed?

You may be left handed at writing but this doesn't mean it will feel most comfortable playing with left handed clubs. Get down your local driving range and ask to test out both left and right handed clubs if you’re unsure.

Length of the club shaft

If you are of an average height then the standard length club shaft will be OK. This is the most common size and will feel comfortable for most new golfers. If you are really tall or shorter than say 5 foot then you should consider looking to buy shorter length shafts or even junior clubs.

What to check when looking at the clubs?

The Club Heads - If the head of the club appears shiny without the groves, you will notice that the clubs have been used quite a lot. This will affect where the ball goes. The grooves are there to help control where the club face hits the ball and what spin it puts on it etc. Avoid clubs where the grooves are worn.

Woods/Drivers - Again just check to make sure there are no dents and that it doesn't appear too worn.

Shafts - Look at the shaft to check it doesn't appeared too worn and look for any nicks dents. You can also test the head to see if it twists on not on the shaft. It shouldn't move, otherwise this is a bad sign.

Grip - Again generally wear and tear is OK but if the grip looks like it has been heavily used then chances are it's near the end of the club life. If the rest of the club is in good condition, you may be able to just replace the grips and then have very good clubs that will last a few more years.

It is always worth comparing the prices of the same set of used against new to make sure you are getting a good buy for your money. Also sometimes last year’s model may still be available as a new set to buy, but massively discounted since the New Year’s model has come out. Buying a 1-2 year old set used may actually cost more, so it's worth considering when buying a used set of clubs. Just be careful to not get swayed by the reduced pro shop prices. You can in fact get good discounts in the pro shop for last year’s clubs, but looking on our website you can most likely find the same set of discount golf clubs cheaper even still.


Buying used golf clubs is a good starting place whether you are serious about taking up golf or even if you are just looking to be a casual golfer. Uses the guide above to generally check for good condition throughout and you shouldn't have any issues. Compare the cost of new if the price for used is slightly higher than expected. Often this will be the case for 1-2 year old top branded sets. Most children’s set online will only be a few years old since they outgrow them unless they have been passed down. Just do a little bit of research and you'll find a great 2nd hand set at very affordable prices.