Ping Golf Clubs For Sale

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Some of the current popular Ping Product ranges available to buy online:

Drivers, Irons, Hybrids = G30, Ping Rescue G25, i25, Anser, G20

Set Of Golf Clubs Perfect For Beginner Sun Mountain Bag Ping Irons Nike 3 Wood £119.00

ping golf clubs full set £140.00

Ping KIII Golf Clubs 9 Irons Red Dot Great Condition for age £50.00


ping moxie junior golf clubs £100.00

ping Cadence putter £25.00

ping golf driver shafts £60.00

Left handed Ping G25 driver 105 with an older Ping regular shaft £40.00

2019 Ping SFT G410 5 Wood 19dg Alta CB Regular Graphite Shaft 9 10 £169.00

Ping i200 Irons 6 PW Regular Steel Shafts Good Condition £185.00

Vintage Classic Ping Eye 2 Set Of Wooden Head Woods Golf Clubs 1 3 5 6 £29.99

Ping Tour Golf Bag with Ping Odyssey clubs Ping Golf Clubs Odyssey Golf Clubs £100.00

ping g ls tec driver £100.00

Ping Glide 20 WS Stealth Black Wedge 50 Degree Steel Ping AWT 20 £76.00

Ping Black dot i 15 golf clubs £145.00

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Ping is one of the most recognised brands when it comes to golfing equipment and accessories. They have been going since 1967 and continue to produce high quality golfing equipment used by both amateur and pro golfers worldwide. Buying a new set of Ping Golf Clubs will not come cheap. But you can also look to buy a used set of irons without it eating into your 19th hole beer money.

The benefit of buying a new set of Ping Golf Clubs is that they will be using the latest technology, materials which could reduce the weight, how flexible the shaft and more. Regular golf enthusiasts love to have the latest and greatest. This means after 1-2 years they will be looking to sell their set to use to put towards the next new set, which is great for people looking to buy on a budget. You can pick up a fairly new set or pre-owned ping golf clubs at really good prices online.

Second Hand Ping Golf Clubs

It is worth considering when buying Used, that Ping clubs are generally custom fit, made to measure. So unless you are the same height, weight and have a similar swing then you may need to have the clubs refitted to match your measurements so to give you the best possible chance of a good game. However if you are a beginner just looking to get into the game, you'll not notice much, this will really be for those regular golfers looking to perfect their game.

You can buy both Steel and Graphite Shafts with Steel being slightly heavier but more forgiving, more suitable for those starting out. They will also be cheaper than choosing to purchase Graphite shaft irons.